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Nadhi Movie Trailer Launch


Sam Jones of Mas Cinemas is producing and playing the lead role in ‘Nadhi’, directed by K. Thamaraiselvan. The movie, a commercial entertainer revolves around the concept of love and friendship and deals with social issues prevalent in current situations.  The movie is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on July 22nd. During this juncture, the film’s trailer was launched in the presence of the press & media fraternity.

Here are some of the excerpts from the event
Actor Vadivel Murugan said, “I am blessed with a lovely brother like Karu Pazhaniappan while working in this movie. The director has written the movie with a strong clarity. The movie has offered a good experience. I am glad that the movie has shaped up well, and I request everyone to share valuable response after watching the movie.”
Director A Venkatesh said, “I am glad that the producer is releasing this movie teaming up with AP International. Kayal Anandhi has exhibited a perfect paradigm of family based character in this movie. Director Thamaraiselvan’s working pattern is more identical to director Faasil’s style. Kodanki appears in a most pivotal character in this movie, and it will be liked by everyone. I am confident that Nadhi is going to be a successful movie.”

Actress Kayal Anandhi said, “The movie, based on real life events, has the story set against the backdrops of Madurai. I decided to be a part of this movie while listening to the engrossing narration itself. I have always desired to be a part of movies that offer me substantial roles, and this one has done it perfectly. I thank everyone in the film’s crew for being supportive.”

Director-Actor Karu Pazhaniappan said, “The director, while narrating the script, was a little hesitant to ask me if I would play a negative role. In fact, I was literally looking out to play the antagonist role as it gives space to perform and talk without any restrictions, whereas the hero and good-natured roles have such limitations. The director has completed the movie without any confusions with neat clarity. He has created the best product out of small budget. The movie interval will surprise every audience in the theater. Cinematographer Prabhu’s visuals are a great asset to the film. I request this crew to kick-start their next project immediately after the success of this movie. Anandhi has exhibited a fabulous performance in this movie. Her character in this film is so unique, and will be appreciated. This is going to be a movie that will be recognized by audiences from all categories. My heartiest appreciations for the entire team. Thank you.”

Actor-Producer Sam Jones said, “I had always wanted my debut movie to be special and unique. I felt Nadhi is the right one as I recognised the potential of the script, when the director narrated it. Cinematographer Prabhu sir is the backbone of this movie. He has delivered impeccable work for this movie. Anandhi accepted to hop onto this project, soon after the script narration. It gives me immense pleasure to have Karu Pazhaniappan sir as a part of this project. Both the actors and technicians have rendered their heart and soul into this project. We are happy that the movie has shaped out well and we request everyone to support this movie.”

Cinematographer MS Prabhu said, “More than the script, the way, director narrated it appealed to my interest. I appreciate Sam Jones for banking his hopes in this movie, and producing it. Both of them together have created a beautiful piece of work out of patience. I wish everyone great success.”

Editor Sudharshan said, “The director had perfect clarity while making this movie. He has given his best hard work and dedication to this project. As a team, we are happy that the final output has come out very well. I request everyone to watch the movie and support it.”

Director Thamaraiselvan said,  “The movie is based on real events. Both myself and Sam Jones wanted to create a good work, and took scrutinizing efforts at various stages to develop the script. We were in deep pursuit of every character in this movie, and it was a new experience for both of us. Anandhi accepted to be a part of this movie, which has a newcomer in the lead role. Karu Pazhanippan understood the essence of this movie, and got into the project. I thank the actors and technicians of this movie for their earnest support. We are happy with the final output, and request you to share your valuable response and feedback about the movie.”

Actors: Sam Jones, Kayal Anandhi, Karu Pazhaniappan, Munishkanth
Director: K Thamaraiselvan
Producer: Sam Jones
Cinematography: M.S. Prabhu
Music Director: Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Editor: R. Sudharshan
Dialogues: Lakshmi Saravana Kumar
Art: Vijay Thennarasu
Dance Choreography: Dinesh, Vijaya Rani
PRO: Sathish (AIM)